CHF BC is Canada's first carbon neutral federation of housing co-ops.

At CHF BC's 2007 annual general meeting, members passed a resolution to make CHF BC operations more environmentally friendly.

CHF BC implemented a sustainability plan covering several areas:

  • energy use
  • paper
  • waste and toxic chemicals
  • greenhouse gasses

In November of 2008, CHF BC signed an agreement to become a Climate Friendly partner with Offsetters.  Working with Climate Smart Business, CHF BC has audited its carbon footprint, implemented a carbon reduction plan, to lower it's carbon footprint from 54 to 24 tonnes from 2008 to 2012 and purchased offsets to attain and maintain carbon neutral status.

Sustainablity solutions for housing co-ops

CHF BC is working on projects to help housing co-ops become more sustainable. 

Fifty-four member housing co-ops completed CHF BC’s Co-op Energy Survey in 2011, sponsored by BC Hydro, FortisBC and BC Housing. City Green Solutions analyzed co-op building energy-use data from BC Hydro and FortisBC. City Green also performed detailed assessments on five or six of the participating housing co-ops, choosing good examples of different housing types to get more in-depth information. Once the analysis was concluded, CHF BC seeks to use the information to find ways to match co-ops up with funding organizations that will help them with energy upgrades.
CHF BC has also organized and hosted sustainability workshops at its education conferences

For more information, contact CHF BC at 604-879-5111 (toll free 1-866-879-5111) or