Create a Member Orientation Package

Join us for a hands-on working session, part of our Scheduled Workshop series for 2017. You'll leave with an orientation package for new members of your co-op. Participants will be guided through a creative process that will start by identifying what the purpose of a member orientation package is, and what it should include. It will end with practical application: creating your own materials from best practice templates provided by both facilitators and peers. We will kick-off with a working breakfast, and before lunch you will have a member orientation package for your co-op!
Workshop facilitator: Erin Crisfield
Erin is a lifelong learner, adult educator, library enthusiast, professional sidekick, and tea drinker. She has worked with adult learners for over 25 years and is currently a freelance professional for Sidekick Freelance creating custom learning and information resources. Erin has an MA in Adult Education and is a member of Watershed Co-op where she serves on the Finance and 2020 committees.
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Event Date: 
February 18, 2017
Event Time: 
9 am to 12 noon
220 - 1651 Commercial Drive, Vancouver