Co-ops by program – ILM

Co-op NameCityStatus

Aaron Webster Co-opVancouverOccupied
Anskar Court Co-op  CoquitlamOccupied
Antrim Place Co-op  BurnabyOccupied
Arboretum Co-op  Surrey Occupied
Arland Mews Co-op  North Delta Occupied
Blueberry Vale Co-op  RichmondOccupied
Bounty Co-op  Burnaby Occupied
Brambles Co-op  BurnabyOccupied
Burrardview Co-op  North VancouverOccupied
Byrne Creek Co-op  BurnabyOccupied
Capilano Co-op  North Vancouver Occupied
Cariboo Heights Co-op  Burnaby Occupied
Centennial Park Co-op  Burnaby Occupied
Chances Co-op  Burnaby Occupied
Charles Square Co-opVancouverOccupied
China Creek Co-op  VancouverOccupied
City Edge Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Devonshire Court Co-op  Maple RidgeOccupied
Eburne Landing Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Edmonds Place Co-op  BurnabyOccupied
Falcon Crest Estates Co-opCoquitlamOccupied
Garden Square Co-op  BurnabyOccupied
Guildtown Co-op  SurreyOccupied
Harbour Manor Co-op  DeltaOccupied
Heron Court Co-op  RichmondOccupied
Kaslo Gardens Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Killarney Gardens Co-op  Vancouver Occupied
La Casa Co-op  SurreyOccupied
Laura Jamieson Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Links, The Co-op  NelsonOccupied
Mariner Cove Co-op  DeltaOccupied
Maya Co-op  RichmondOccupied
Meadow Walk Co-op  RichmondOccupied
Medina Co-op  BurnabyOccupied
Misty Ridge Co-op  BurnabyOccupied
Noons Creek Co-op  Port Moody Occupied
Richmond Heights Co-op  RichmondOccupied
Rishon Co-op  VancouverOccupied
River Mist Co-op  RichmondOccupied
River's End  RichmondOccupied
Robert Owen Co-op  RichmondOccupied
Sandpiper Co-op  SurreyOccupied
Sapperton Terrace Co-op  New WestminsterOccupied
Solstice Co-op  SurreyOccupied
Still Creek Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Sunbridge Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Sundune Co-op  RichmondOccupied
Sunrise Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Sunset Heights Co-op  BurnabyOccupied
Sunset Point Co-op  RichmondOccupied
Trout Lake Co-op  Vancouver Occupied
Victoria Gardens Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Westminster Heights Co-op  New Westminster Occupied
Four Mile Heights Co-op  VictoriaOccupied
Friendship Co-op  SidneyOccupied
Greenway Co-op  VictoriaOccupied
Krisineleos Co-op  VictoriaOccupied
Lang Cove Co-op  VictoriaOccupied
Seawalk Co-op  VictoriaOccupied

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