Boot Camp for co-op directors

The board is responsible for making sure that the co-op is well managed. It sounds simple, but in these challenging times co-ops will need stronger leadership than ever if they want to succeed.  Are you ready and able to guide your co-op toward a successful future?

A good board understands:

  • its role – and the role of members, staff, committees and others – in governing and managing the co-op
  • how to hold effective meetings
  • the most common governance mistakes and how to avoid them
  • what it will take to lead members toward a sustainable future.

Co-op directors should know:

  • their legal duties and responsibilities
  • how to work together to create a strong governance team
  • the fundamentals of principled leadership and long-term vision.

Get ready for a full-day workout that will make you the best board and the best director you can be.


Available as a portable workshop

Co-op basics