Meetings that earn involvement

If board and committee meetings are poorly managed, why would any sensible person who values their time and peace of mind agree to attend? How well does a co-operative community – or a business, for that matter – function when meetings are ineffective and unpleasant?

Committees and boards achieve the greatest success when there is an appropriate balance between structure and personality. The challenge is about balancing policy, procedure, and process and the social relationships that provide energy, sense of satisfaction, and enjoyment.

Committee and board chairs must know how to conduct and lead meetings that are productive, positive, and attractive to members in order to earn their ongoing involvement. Most people don’t come by these skills naturally.  You’ll learn about meeting dynamics, the chair’s frame of mind, and five key ingredients for successful meetings. And you’ll have many tools to take back to your co-op to help plan and run meetings that really earn member involvement. 

Available as a portable workshop

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