Navigating difficult conversations

We all avoid difficult conversations at times. Or we don’t handle them as well as we might like to. The result can be unresolved issues that increase everyone’s frustration and delay progress on matters we thought had been resolved.

The right conversations can help us resolve conflict, reach agreement to move forward on important issues, and preserve a healthy co-op community that supports good governance and sound management.

This workshop will offer an introduction to:

  • the dynamics behind conflict
  • how to manage a difficult conversation
  • dealing with difficult behaviour
  • tools for having conversations that can lead to successful resolutions of conflict situations.

We will practice using role-plays based on real-life situations that might come up in your co-op, such as disputes around housing charge arrears, non-functioning committees, housing charge increases and long-term capital investments.You’ll gain a better awareness of how you respond in difficult situations and improve your skill and comfort level in dealing with all kinds of difficult conversations.

Available as a portable workshop

Good governance and principled leadership