The Upward Spiral - CHF BC Spring Education Conference 2017

Successful co-ops do things, year after year, to attract and reinforce the engagement of their members. What is it that they do? Why do they succeed? Using an “organizational development” frame of reference, we will look at the key things that housing co-ops can do to sustain member engagement over time.

Facilitator: Larry Birckhead
Larry, M.A. (Psychology) has a background in community mental health and behaviour change, and his area of expertise is in organizational development and training. In addition to his experience on the board of directors, maintenance committee, and membership committee at his own co-op, Marine Court, he has applied his organization development capacities to Co-operative Housing Federation of BC’s (CHF BC’s) Education Program since 2008 offering a range of workshops, as well as expertise in board coaching and trouble-shooting.

April 1, 2017 - 9:30am - 12:30pm
Planning for the future
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