What's in your future? Are you a 2020 Co-op?

2020 Vision has only one purpose: to help your co-op map a bright and sustainable future. It’s about having a well-run, well-led co-op that offers safe, secure homes and a great community for members. For some co-ops that means getting ready for “life after government” when their operating agreements end.

We’ll use the revamped 2020 Vision website to:

  • review the standards for a 2020 Co-op
  • explain what you can do to achieve them
  • assess where your co-op is in relation to the standards
  • explain how CHF Canada will know that you’re ready to be certified as a 2020 Co-op, and
  • show you the newest tools and resources available to help you get there.

  Available as a portable workshop

Planning for the future
Not Portable