CHF BC Long-Term Planning Services


Long-term planning is critical to co-op success, and to successfully plan, a co-op needs to understand its property; its finances; its legal obligations; and its members' requirements and goals.

With its Refinancing and Renewal Program, CHF BC provides a variety of long-term planning services to help co-ops prepare for the future. We offer asset management planning, and aid to co-ops needing to refinance existing debt or undertake new borrowing. Our goal is to ensure that co-ops remain sustainable, thriving communities.


CHF BC, with the support of CHF Canada and Vancity Community Foundation, and working with partner Vancity, developed its Refinancing and Renewal Program. The Program aims to accelerate, streamline and simplify the process for CHF BC member co-ops to access professional planning services and financing.

Why Plan Now?

  • Co-op buildings are aging and many require significant renewals;
  • Some co-ops on leased land will see the end of their original leases
    (and they may need to extend their leases, work with the Land Trust or perhaps buy land);
  • Accessible accommodation is increasingly a concern;
  • Upgrades to inefficient building systems could save co-ops considerable money in operating expenses;
  • Shrinking average household sizes may create more situations in which the units in co-op buildings aren't well-suited to co-op members' needs; and,
  • Operating agreements with government are expiring along with the co-op sector's ability to access government lending programs.

How can co-ops address these concerns and opportunities? What do co-ops need to do to improve members' homes and the co-operative sector's long-term viability? An essential element is to plan for the long-term, looking beyond this year's budget or a three-year capital mini-plan. That planning involves accessing technical assistance and, where necessary, financing to carry out renewal and rehabilitation work.

Getting Started

Committing to developing and implementing a well-considered long-term plan is an important decision for a co-op. CHF BC encourage co-op's to learn more about the Federation's services:

Take some time to explore the website. We welcome questions if you have any.