Co-ops by Program – Section 95 (56.1)

Co-op NameCityStatus
115 Place Co-op  BurnabyOccupied
Abbotsford Co-op Villa  AbbotsfordOccupied
Access Housing Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Alexander Street Co-opVancouverOccupied
Alberni Co-op  Vancouver Occupied
Alder Bay Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Alexander Laidlaw Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Amicae Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Andras Place Co-op  BurnabyOccupied
Arlington Grove Co-op  Vancouver Occupied
Ashley Mar Co-op  Vancouver Occupied
Bakerview Co-op  AbbotsfordOccupied
Benryk Mews Co-op  RichmondOccupied
Birch Co-op  Surrey Occupied
Blue Skies Co-op  Vernon Occupied
Bowen Island Seniors Co-op  Bowen IslandOccupied
Broadview Co-op  Vancouver Occupied
Brooksford Place Co-op  AbbotsfordOccupied
Burquitlam Co-op  Coquitlam Occupied
Cedar Mill Co-op  Vancouver Occupied
Charleston Terrace Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Cheam Co-op  Chilliwack Occupied
Chilean Co-op  Vancouver Occupied
Clarendon Hall Co-op  Penticton Occupied
Clearwater Co-op  AbbotsfordOccupied
Common Ground Co-op  South SurreyOccupied
Community Alternatives Co-op  Vancouver Occupied
Co-opérative d'habitation DemersVancouverOccupied
Connaught Co-op  Vancouver Occupied
Cougar Canyon Co-op  DeltaOccupied
Creekside Co-op  North Vancouver Occupied
Creekview Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Crossroads Co-op  VancouverOccupied
David Wetherow Co-op  VancouverOccupied
De Cosmos Village Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Delta Green Co-op  RichmondOccupied
Domego Co-op  Vancouver Occupied
Eight Oaks Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Dundee Court Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Emma G Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Ford Road Co-op  Pitt MeadowsOccupied
Four Sisters Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Fraser River Place Co-op  New WestminsterOccupied
Garden Court Co-op  CoquitlamOccupied
Garry Point Co-op  RichmondOccupied
Grace McInnis Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Grandview Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Granville Gardens Co-op  RichmondOccupied
Greenland Co-op  RichmondOccupied
Griffin's Walk Co-op  VancouverOccupied
H.W. Flesher Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Halston Hills Co-op  Burnaby Occupied
Haney Pioneer Village Co-op  Maple RidgeOccupied
Harbour Cove Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Harris Road Co-op  Pitt MeadowsOccupied
Hawthorne Co-op  SurreyOccupied
Helen's Court  VancouverOccupied
Heritage Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Hillside Place Co-op  BurnabyOccupied
Hoy Creek Co-op  CoquitlamOccupied
Huntington Place Co-op  Fort St. JohnOccupied
Ida Vista Co-op  Salmon ArmOccupied
Indian River Co-op  North VancouverOccupied
Inti Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Jasmine Place Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Juniper Co-op  Vancouver Occupied
Kanata Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Kinross Creek Co-op  Vancouver Occupied
Kitsilano Terrace Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Klahanie Co-op  RichmondOccupied
Lakewood Terrace Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Le Coeur Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Levellers Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Lock Lane Co-op  MissionOccupied
Lynn Valley Co-op  North VancouverOccupied
Manhattan Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Maple Creek Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Maples, The Housing Co-op  Maple RidgeOccupied
Marina Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Marine Court Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Marpole Terrace Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Matheson Heights Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Mau Dan Gardens Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Mayflower Co-op  SurreyOccupied
Meadowlands Co-op  Pitt MeadowsOccupied
Melton Court Co-op  Vancouver Occupied
Mosaico Co-op  BurnabyOccupied
Mosquito Creek Co-op  North VancouverOccupied
Mount Seymour Park Co-op  North VancouverOccupied
New Westminster Co-op  New WestminsterOccupied
Norman Bethune Co-op  BurnabyOccupied
Northern Way Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Nova Vita Co-op  BurnabyOccupied
Okanagan Housing Co-op  KelownaOccupied
Pacific Heights Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Pacific Park Place Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Paloma Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Phoenix Court Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Pine Ridge Co-op  BurnabyOccupied
Pioneer Park Housing Co-op  Aldergrove Occupied
Post 83 Co-op  BurnabyOccupied
Quebec Manor Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Queens Avenue Co-op  New WestminsterOccupied
Queens Park Co-op  New WestminsterOccupied
Rising Star Co-opVancouverOccupied
River Woods Co-op  North VancouverOccupied
Riverbend Co-op  New WestminsterOccupied
Riverside Landing Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Robson Park Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Rose Garden Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Sahali Housing Co-op  KamloopsOccupied
Salal Co-op  Port MoodyOccupied
Shaughnessy Co-op  Port CoquitlamOccupied
Sherwood Forest Co-op  AbbotsfordOccupied
Sitka Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Sojourn Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Southgate Manor Co-op Assoc.  KelownaOccupied
Spectrum Co-op  BurnabyOccupied
Spruce Housing Co-op  Surrey Occupied
Strathcona Co-op  Vancouver Occupied
Sunshine Co-op  SurreyOccupied
Synala Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Tidal Flats Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Totem Housing Co-op  SurreyOccupied
Trafalgar Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Tri-Branch Co-op  CoquitlamOccupied
Twin Rainbows Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Valley Village Co-op  SurreyOccupied
Vera Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Waldon Place Co-op  SurreyOccupied
Walnut Grove Co-op  LangleyOccupied
Watershed Co-op  Vancouver Occupied
Westerdale Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Westminster Landing Co-op  New WestminsterOccupied
Whattlekainum Co-op  BurnabyOccupied
Wit's End Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Woodland Park Co-op  CastlegarOccupied
Yew Street Co-op  VancouverOccupied
Alf Toone Co-op  VictoriaOccupied
Beckley Farm Co-op  VictoriaOccupied
Broadoaks Co-op  VictoriaOccupied
Cameo Co-op  VictoriaOccupied
Craigflower Co-op  VictoriaOccupied
Frances Garden Co-op  SookeOccupied
Hatley Park Co-op  VictoriaOccupied
Heatheridge Co-op  VictoriaOccupied
Homeward Co-opVictoriaOccupied
Kailasa Co-op  VictoriaOccupied
Lavender Co-op  VictoriaOccupied
Mitraniketan Co-op  VictoriaOccupied
North Ridge  VictoriaOccupied
Oak Bay Kiwanis Co-op  VictoriaOccupied
Orchard Green Co-op  VictoriaOccupied
Pheasant Meadows Co-op  VictoriaOccupied
Superior Street Co-op  VictoriaOccupied
Twin Oaks Co-op  VictoriaOccupied
Tyee Co-op  VictoriaOccupied
Waterside Co-op  VictoriaOccupied

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