How to apply

Most co-ops have long waiting lists and you can generally expect a three-month to three-year wait. These lists are particularly long for people who need subsidized housing. Many co-ops are not accepting applications for subsidized housing as they have no subsidy available. Since most co-ops have their own list, you need to apply to each co-op separately. CHF BC does not accept applications for co-ops and has no knowledge of co-op vacancies.

Here's how to apply:

  • Check a list of co-ops from our Co-op Directory - the co-op's listing will indicate if it is accepting applications or not.
  • Depending on the co-op's preference you can either download an application form, send an email or write to the co-op, and include a self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) so they can mail you their application form.
  • Fill out the application form for each co-op. Tell the co-op as much as you can about your household, your income, and your skills. This helps the co-op to know whether you are suitable for the available unit.
  • While you are on the waiting list, keep your application up-to-date. Let the co-op know if your address, phone number, household size, or income changes.
  • You will be interviewed before you can join a co-op. The interview gives you a chance to learn about the co-op and find out what is expected of members. You might also be able to view a unit at this time.
  • Once you've been accepted to join a co-op, CHF BC runs two programs to assist those in special need to afford the initial share purchase: the Disability Trust and the Domestic Violence Relief Fund.